• Ian Jackman


Some interim management assignments are borne out of unique situations - the need to achieve something special - and I've worked a few of them in my time.

As a unique executive interim - I'm a specialist with the experience, expertise and capabilities to add value to your business.

Equipped and especially interested in providing support for operations that have a unique objective.

I selectively accept assignments in senior management and board level roles.

Probably, there are dozens of possible opportunities that you might profit from.

I'm thinking, as examples, you might need to:

  • drive a key short term project

  • cater for an unexpected departure

  • make a decisive organisational move

  • take advantage of a surprising opportunity

  • transition rapidly or pivot after an unforeseen event

  • exploit an exceptional change situation

  • advance a special strategic objective

  • create a reliable platform to stabilise or develop from

  • free up another key executive for a big shift

When tackling that special situation - whatever yours may be - I like to blend my solid experience with your organisational strengths.

I like to think "Win-Win" to benefit your organisation; to be pro-active, plan and prioritise to drive on and reach your special goals. My aim is to address your unique interim needs and deliver breakthrough value to the assignment.

As I mentioned before, I've worked on more than a few unique situation assignments in my time.

So, if you have a special situation - with a unique objective - and you need an interim executive to succeed.

Reach out and talk to me now.

The sooner we get started, the sooner we can move it forward!

Call me: +44 7816 112 011


Email me: Ian.Jackman@brightearthconsulting.co.uk

By the way, you'll know that calling me is right for you, if...

  • Those unique objectives now seriously need attention to realise the benefits

  • You've already had other "low cost," "safe" or "sensible" pitches - but they're not workable

  • There's a danger of more inept approaches being "forced" on you

  • Other pressures / deadlines are looming and you need to move things forward - now!

It'll be well worth your time and effort. I'd like to help. So I'll make sure it is.

Other ways to connect with me:

Twitter: @jackmanian

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackmanian/

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bright-earth-consulting-limited

Written by: Ian Jackman. Ian Jackman is an executive interim, consultant, and author and diamond drilling specialist with expertise and experience to support business leaders with unique objectives - usually borne out of special situations - who are eager to move an interim assignment forward now.

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