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Updated: May 16, 2019

"iideas" is a concept by Bright Earth Consulting, conceived because I perceive a need for "Independent Innovation Drilling Engineering Applications and Services." Advice and support for managers of mineral exploration diamond core drilling projects in the form of applications (techniques, methods) and services (coaching, training, workshops, and site support).

In the real world today, almost all "free" advice is made available by owners of big product brands - be it drill bits and reaming shells, downhole tools such as core barrels and rods, drill rigs and auzilliary machinery, and drilling chemicals. Sadly the advice offered is neither in-depth nor independent. It comes with strings attached to using a specific product to achieve some benefit.

In reality, this means that the sources of innovation and inspiration are harder to find, because they're being smothered.

The mineral exploration industry, and project geologists in particular, often need all the help they can get. They need improved drilling performance, and better results. But independent professional support is rare.

So how does the "iideas" concept fit in, and what's available to the exploration professional?

Exploring and expanding the "iideas" acronym provides more clarity:

  • Independent - free of commercial interests in any particular products, or affiliation to specific manufacturers or suppliers.

  • Innovative - featuring new methods; introducing new ideas; advanced, original and creative in thinking.

  • Drilling Engineering - working closely with the mineral exploration professionals (drilling contractors, service contractors, exploration geologists and other technical specialists), designing and implementing procedures to drill boreholes as safely and economically as possible.

  • Applications - specific methods, techniques and skills presented as organised systems, designed for borehole drilling.

  • Services - professional advice and support, including workshops, training, coaching, publications and other resources.

The "iideas" concept is different - it's a platform for global advisory & support for mineral exploration diamond core drilling project leaders and exploration geologists.

The objective is to support exploration managers in taking the necessary preventive and corrective action in their diamond drilling operations to avoid and overcome critical situations that often develop during drilling projects. Those kinds of problems that can lead to costly delays, low productivity, poor performance, or even total loss of the borehole - risks that can set the project back.

The "iideas" concept involves a combination of advisory and support activities including:

  • Situation assessment and investigation

  • Positive field or site approach

  • Problem confirmation

  • Cause identification (problem conversion)

  • Progressive, faster, better decision-making

  • Solution choices, adaptation and implementation

  • Continuation advice and follow ups - checking whether the problem has been solved

This is Bright Earth Consulting. This is Ian Jackman.

Ian's mantra is: "Way ahead | Improving Performance".

It means "There is a way, a road, a path in front of us that can lead us to higher, better operational performance."

Finding ways to improve performance in the exploration diamond drilling industry is a worthy goal.

Call on me anytime: I'll help you find a way!

Contact: +44(0)7816 112 011 (mobile) E: Ian.Jackman@brightearthconsulting.co.uk

Written by:

Ian Jackman

Ian Jackman is a consultant, author and diamond drilling specialist providing support for mineral exploration professionals to avoid or overcome critical problems during diamond core drilling projects: those problems that threaten to slow the progress of a borehole or stop it altogether.

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