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Problems - Solutions - Opportunities

The "iideas" concept supports mineral exploration project managers to take the necessary actions to prevent or resolve critical problems - commonly the causes of severe project set-backs.

The Diamond Drilling Problems, Solutions and Opportunities (DD-PSO) series is a collection of publications that explore and address these issues.

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Critical borehole problems are those problems that threaten the progress of the borehole or even threaten to halt the borehole altogether. I support managers who are seeking out ways to maintain steady borehole progress, keep their projects on track, and avoid critical problems.

Exploring problems in the the DD-PSO series evolves rapidly into the search for suitable and effective solutions that can be implemented in the field. The most effective solutions are revealed only when the spirited, positive thinking exploration professional is enabled through new capabilities, plenty of practice (these are common problems!) and supported by "iideas".

When a proper assessment and confirmation of the cause is undertaken, the problem is converted into a decision making issue. A choice of solutions is much easier and quicker to make. And with practice, and support, capabilities are built. And with those improved capabilities, the enabled team can implement the chosen solution with increasing confidence and success. Dramatic improvements to performance are possible through successful interventions.

The process encapsulated in the "iideas" concept helps managers to understand that problems and solutions are only part of the puzzle needed to improve performance. My experience in the industry has shown that the final part of that puzzle resides in the opportunities that successful interventions release. Therefore, not only is the problems identified, the cause confirmed, the decision made, and the solution applied - but the improved borehole drilling conditions thereafter will offer the opportunity to get the project back on track - creating more value.

In brief:

"iideas" become capabilities. Effective action is taken. Opportunities arise. Project managers take advantage.

The "iideas" concept initiates a successful chain reaction: Problems - Solutions - Opportunities.

Written by:

Ian Jackman

Ian Jackman is a consultant, author and diamond drilling specialist providing support for mineral exploration professionals to avoid or overcome critical problems during diamond core drilling projects: those problems that threaten to slow the progress of a borehole or stop it altogether.

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