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Missing "iideas"?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The "iideas" concept is a platform from which I deliver global advisory & support for mineral exploration diamond core drilling project leaders and exploration geologists.

The objective is to support managers in taking the necessary preventive and corrective action in their diamond drilling operations. Action to avoid and overcome critical problems that often develop during drilling projects. Critical problems are those kinds of problems that can lead to costly delays, low productivity, poor performance, or even total loss of the borehole. They can cause significant project set-backs.

So "iideas" - being Independent Innovative Drilling Engineering Applications and Services - are:

  • Independent - free of commercial interests in any particular products, or affiliation to specific manufacturers or suppliers.

  • Innovative - featuring new methods; introducing new ideas; advanced, original and creative in thinking.

  • Drilling Engineering - Working closely with the mineral exploration professionals (drilling contractors, service contractors, exploration geologists and other technical specialists), designing and implementing procedures to drill boreholes as safely and economically as possible.

  • Applications - methods, techniques and skills presented as organised programmes of work, designed for borehole drilling.

  • Services - professional advice and support, including workshops, training, coaching, publications and other resources.

Why are "iideas" so important?

It's because "iideas" are the missing link between the common garden variety borehole drilling operation (often pedestrian performance) and that super-capable team of mineral exploration professionals who are able to achieve dramatic improvements wherever they go.

That's a fairly bold claim, isn't it?

Indeed, years of experience has led me to the conclusion that there's a vital missing link in the diamond core drilling system. It's not the machinery, nor the tools, nor the ever improving techniques used. No! Successful performance improvements need much more than that.

What's missing is the bold, enabled human element. The spirited, positive thinking exploration diamond drilling professional.

"So how can I get that change on my project?" I hear you ask.

Take action using "iideas": the objective is to help managers take effective preventive and corrective action in their diamond drilling operations. Using the "iideas" concept it is practical and feasible to build skills through proper training, along with advisory support, to provide the "tools" to avoid and overcome critical situations that often develop during drilling projects.

Advanced capabilities of the team are developed by doing more, and thinking harder. By making faster, better decisions on site. By repeatedly implementing effective solutions. These effective solutions translate into a tool-box of successful interventions. And the spirited, positive thinking and enabled professionals will achieve more. They continually seek to make dramatic improvements in their performance.

Supporting "iideas" develops the problem solving and decision making skills needed. Enables the necessary capabilities.

I recently read an excellent paper "Successfully Managing Drill Programs" by Simon Shakesby (published in Drilling For Geology II (2017) by AIG). I concurred with the majority of what he says, and I'd like to add that there is support available for contractors/clients to solve critical drilling problems to advance performance. The "iideas" concept is part of that solution.

In the same publication, another paper discusses the role of drilling in "Fast Discovery and Development." The author advances the idea that drilling needs to be cheaper, faster and more steerable. Steerability in diamond core drilling is currently receiving a great deal of attention, along with advanced borehole surveys.

However, the faster, cheaper element needs to be addressed too. My view is that, in most cases, we already have the machinery (tools and equipment). What the industry needs is the capabilities and the will to apply what we already know to achieve dramatic improvements in borehole completion time and success.

It's that enabled human element that's missing. The fully enabled and capable positive thinking team of professionals, with a tool box of ready made, tried and tested solutions, will be able to deliver the dramatic improvements that the industry is needs right now.

It's the missing "iideas"!

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