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DD-PSO Series

The DD-PSO series of publications is a direct result of the "iideas" concept - see Ian's Blog "Back Story" for more detail on what "iideas" represents.

So much content is being pushed into the market from the major equipmwent and consumables manufacturers (such as Boart Longyear and Fordia) but it lacks serious depth and contemplation - rather more like branded advertising leaflets. Similarly commercial style "advertorial" articles from the same sources appear scattered across industry magazines.

The heritage diamond drilling references such as the Diamond Drilling Handbook (WF Heinz) and The Drilling Manual (ADITC/ADIA) remain the best technical sources. Coring Magazine is a newer publication opting to fly an interesting independent flag.

But let's face it there's little out there to grab the interest of the real mineral exploration professionals - for those industry players who want to continue on a path of continuous self-development they need to meet the daily challenges of diamond core drilling projects.

Until now, what's not been available, is more substantial treatment of modern drilling techniques, field operations, productivity elements, problem recognition and problem solving, operations management support and decision-making tools for mineral exploration core drilling projects.

The DD-PSO Series offers a process of problem discovery - the setting out implications of the problems - and processes that can lead you to find practical and successful solutions. Every "problem / solution" pair is associated with further opportunities, just waiting to be discovered, waiting to become a key advantage.

So what's the best way forward? How can you keep your drilling programme on track?

Every day project and contract managers find that critical problems arise to threaten the very existence of the borehole being drilled. Decisions need to be taken to avoid or overcome the problems to prevent delays, avoid change orders, and get back to delivering on the project objectives.

The DD-PSO series is filling the gap. Providing a source of useful information, balanced views, and checks on data to support the professional. And because it is independent - without commercial attachment to any particular suppliers or service providers - it is all the more valuable.

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Written by:

Ian Jackman

Ian Jackman is a consultant, author and diamond drilling specialist providing support for mineral exploration professionals to avoid or overcome critical problems during diamond core drilling projects: those problems that threaten to slow the progress of a borehole or stop it altogether.

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