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I'm the Architect of Strategic Advantage

My mantra is "Way Ahead | Improving Performance"

On more than a few occasions during my career, I've taken the leading role in projects converting opportunity to value. It's hard work, I should know - but I never shrink from the challenge.

It's always so rewarding to achieve a result; to drive profitable change - to make it effective and workable.

To get the results, I've developed expertise and skills in strategic management, decision making, business analysis and productivity issues. I can also add executive support and data-lab services to understand and use your business data.

My experience is wide ranging in terms of the scope of operations, across functions and within various levels of the organisation, from operational field work to the board-room.

As a client, that offers you an opportunity to engage with me in a choice of ways, in almost any situation. Advisory work to improve individual and group performance is my preferred domain.

It's stimulating to create value through your organisation's strategic advantage, and help both individuals and organisation to find a better road to a higher performance.

I like to work in a very straight-forward and uncomplicated way - no matter the size or extent of the project, big or small.

Typically, it goes like this:

  • An initial discussion results in a proposal.

  • The proposal summarises and confirms a conceptual agreement that concerns the current situation, improvements to be made, and the desired state which is represented by the agreed measures of success.

  • The options offered are each assigned a value based fee for an agreed scope and methodology.

  • And acceptance of the proposal triggers the engagement.

I like to blend my solid experience with your organisational strengths to address your unique business needs. My aim is to deliver breakthrough value on your engagement.

As I mentioned before, I've advised more than a few opportunity driven change agendas in my time.

So, if you've got a change to make, a problem to solve, an opportunity to convert - then get in touch as soon as possible!

Call me: +44 7816 112 011


Email me: Ian.Jackman@brightearthconsulting.co.uk

The sooner we get started, the sooner we finish!

By the way, you'll know that calling me is right for you, if...

  • Those opportunities for change are dragging on, despite your best efforts to wrangle them

  • You've already had other pitches - but they lack involvement and committment - and nothing's really changed

  • There's too many people around either just talking (or preparing to talk) - but not listening

  • Other pressures / deadlines are looming and you need to move things forward - now!

It'll be well worth your time and effort! I'd like to help. So I'll make sure it is.

Other ways to connect with me:

Twitter: @jackmanian https://twitter.com/jackmanian

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackmanian/

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bright-earth-consulting-limited

Written by: Ian Jackman. Ian Jackman is a consultant, and author and diamond drilling specialist with consulting expertise and experience to support business leaders eager to to make change and convert opportunities - delivering breakthrough value.

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