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Updated: May 16, 2019

I'm Ian Jackman - a diamond drilling specialist in preventive and corrective action.

I've rescued more than a few hundred diamond drilling boreholes in my career.

I Make Boreholes Better. Faster. My speciality.

I'm usually the consultant of last resort.

I resolve critical problems that threaten the loss of borehole or cause significant delays.

When you call me, an immediate response to start investigating the situation.

And I always follow the "clues" to where they lead me.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that:

"In difficult, stressful situations, emotions overcome judgement"

Emotional overload (usually because of the high stakes involved) is often the hard driver of poor judgement on a drilling contract. Ineptitude often follows, surely too easily, in most cases.

I use a different and direct approach. I focus on thinking.

Starting with thinking about the scale and challenge of the borehole problem.

A problem can only exist when:

1. Something has changed - there's been a deviation from the expected, and...

2. The cause is unknown - and...

3. You actually care about it.

My aim is to convert the problem into a decision as soon as possible. To do that, cause must be established. And for a positive end result - i.e. the corrective action to be effective - it must be the real or true cause.

So, firstly, what has actually happened?

To be effective, we have to get to the bottom of it. It's usually straightforward. But it's not always easy.

Start gathering evidence. The more immediately we do this the better. I like to work with information from as many relevant sources as possible.

e.g. people, reports, equipment, core samples, drilling fluid, my GIS = General Impression of the Situation

And I'm always wary of false leads along the way. To encourage a free flow of information, it's important to always search for cause, not blame. Don't jump to conclusions / or rush to action without understanding and analysing the facts. Remember that fear (of blame, usually) makes some people's evidence unreliable.

It's going to be complicated - it almost always is!

But usually it's the simplest explanation that will be the closest to the truth - "Occam's razor."

Make as few assumptions as possible. Try to convert as many assumptions as possible into facts using evidence.

Based on the evidence available, I'll build an hypothesis of what has happened. Evaluate all the evidence that supports/corroborates the hypothesis - or disproves it!

And consequently make an assessment of what the current situation is.

A clear picture of the situation now, will inform our best action.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter much - in the short term #.

Some borehole problems can be fixed without knowing precisely what has happened.

But there are still some critical issues to consider, that should not be overlooked.

For example:

  • If the bit burnt in - is there a broken/cracked/split rod or a leaking joint?

  • If there's caving - can we still get an open-ended drill rod past the broken zone?

# In the long term, it's best to understand what has happened.

The most effective preventive action is based on making effective changes to avoid further issues!

To maximise the effect of a resolution, I like to blend my solid experience with your organisational strengths. I aim to deliver breakthrough value when I address your project's unique needs.

I always promote common sense - which is not so common, after all!

Never allow one problem to result in additional compounding problems - that just complicates the rescue. When an issue - a drilling problem, especially when a critical problem* - arises, then deal with that problem right away.

Rescue your borehole, now!

I can help you make it better. Faster.

As I mentioned before, I've rescued more than a few diamond drilling boreholes in my time.

So, if you've got a borehole that needs to be rescued - then get in touch as soon as possible!

Call me: +44 7816 112 011


Email me: Ian.Jackman@brightearthconsulting.co.uk

The sooner we get started, the sooner we fix it.

By the way, you'll know that calling me is right for you, when...

  • Those borehole problems have dragged on for some time, despite your best efforts to manage them

  • You've already had other (usually low level, low cost, or "sensible") pitches, and nothing's really worked or changed

  • You're in fear of more delays, more inept approaches being "forced" on you - a distinct lack of choice

  • Other pressures / deadlines are looming and you need to move things forward - now!

It'll be well worth your time and effort!

And I'd like to help.

So I'll make sure it is.

Note on "Rescue" and "Critical Problems"

To be "Rescued" is to be freed or delivered from confinement, danger.

In the case of a diamond core drilling borehole suffering from a critical problem - a problem that threatens the total loss of the borehole or significant delays - borehole rescue means relief from the threats, and risk, and the opportunity to make solid progress again.


Emotions can cloud our judgment and influence our decisions when triggered by the situation at hand.

But research now shows it is also possible for emotions triggered by one event to spill over and affect another, unrelated situation.

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Written by: Ian Jackman Ian Jackman is a consultant, author and diamond drilling specialist providing support for mineral exploration professionals to avoid or overcome critical problems during diamond core drilling projects:  those problems that threaten to slow the progress of a borehole or stop it altogether.

Connect on: Twitter:  @iideas4U LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackmanian/ LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bright-earth-consulting-limited

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