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Over several decades serving the diamond core drilling industry, I have had the priviledge to attend hundreds (if not thousands) of active drilling sites. In so doing, I have worked alongside mineral exploration professionals - including contractor managers and project geologists - struggling with a variety of borehole drilling and core recovery problems.

As a diamond drilling specialist, I am interested in assisting the mineral exploration professional to avoid or overcome critical problems that occur during their core drilling projects. By critical problems, I mean those problems that threaten to slow the progress of a borehole or stop it altogether.

A 500 metre borehole is a considerably smaller investment than a 5,000 metre plus depth borehole. My experience covers both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between, from a few hundred metres to over 6,000 metre deep boreholes. The thing is, critical problems like lost circulation, borehole instability, high torque, vibration or fishing can occur at any depth. These problems all have the same result - no matter how deep the borehole is - they threaten to stop the borehole before it reaches the planned objective, and the investment in the borehole is lost.

An immediate effect of running into a critical problem is that additional resources - in terms of funding, skills, equipment and other - have to be found over and above the project budget to deal with the problem. Consequently, the longer a problem persists or remains unresolved the more critical it becomes.

Throughout my career I have been passionate about solving the big problems. I have sought out and explored the world of diamond drilling to study and understand as many of these problems as I could find. I have proposed and tested numerous solutions. Some failed to reach maturity for one reason or another. Yet a large proportion did succeed and those enabled me to find support and backing to develop the techniques into viable and reliable solutions. Some of those have been successful enough to inspire and deploy exploration drilling support service operations - and some of those have been delivered to the industry complete with a performance guarantee! Not something you come across that often in the diamond drilling industry.

My mantra is: "Way ahead | Improving Performance". What it really means is that "There is a way, a road, a path in front of us that can lead us to higher, better operational performance." Finding ways to improve is a mantra to live by in the diamond drilling industry.

To support the mineral exploration professional, I have therefore set about developing "iideas." This kind of catchy acronym stands for "Independent Innovation Drilling Engineering Applications and Services," but how does that translate into reality?

  • Independent - free of commercial interests in any particular products, or affiliation to specific manufacturers or suppliers.

  • Innovative - featuring new methods; introducing new ideas; advanced, original and creative in thinking.

  • Drilling Engineering - working closely with the mineral exploration professionals (drilling contractors, service contractors, geologists and other technical specialists), designing and implementing procedures to drill boreholes as safely and economically as possible.

  • Applications - specific methods, techniques and skills presented as organised systems, designed for borehole drilling.

  • Services - professional advice and support, including workshops, training, coaching, publications and other resources.

Through this endeavour, I have become a consultant, author, and diamond drilling specialist, and I offer global advisory and support services for mineral exploration project leaders and managers through my company Bright Earth Consulting. Focusing on cause - rather than effect - preventive and corrective strategies are available to avoid and overcome critical situations that often develop during drilling projects. Common issues which might otherwise lead to low productivity, poor performance, change orders, costly delays, or total borehole loss and failure.

To share my experience, thoughts and skills with professionals in this industry, I am now writing a series of publications called Diamond Drilling - Problems, Solutions and Objectives (DD-PSO series). These unique applications, services and other resources are distributed via the Bright Earth Consulting web site. This includes a members section to enable access to the resources and to read them online, and an online shop offering publications downloads.

More direct support is also available in the form of individual coaching using my online Custom Coach system, group workshops both online and on-site options for advanced training, and on-site support for direct delivery of problem solving solutions and support to the drilling project. Ian's Notebook is also accessible within online in the members area - literally intended to be a collection of notes, interesting observations and insights.

In addition to the DD-PSO series, plans are also in place to add further individual and series of publications to expand the range of topics to be made available to industry professionals. The objective is to explain thoughtful concepts and provide insights for those who want to think about drilling processes, find smarter answers and make faster, better decisions in the field!

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Written by:

Ian Jackman

Ian Jackman is a consultant, author and diamond drilling specialist providing support for mineral exploration professionals to avoid or overcome critical problems during diamond core drilling projects: those problems that threaten to slow the progress of a borehole or stop it altogether.

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